Jaora (district Ratlam, Madhya Pardesh) Jaora was princely state before the division of the Indian Subcontinent. It is now has no significant political value. It is situated in the Madya Pardesh 32km off the main railway station Ratlam, it is on the meter gauge railway system on the Ajmair- Ratlam line. District Ratlam is a part of "Malwa" region, which is situated in the northwest of the Madhya Pardesh. The district was created in June 1948 covering the areas of the former princely state of Ratlam, Jaora, Sailana, Piploda, etc. Ratlam is very well connected both by rail and roads and is divisional headquarter of the Western Railway. Because it is situated on 3000 ft. The climate is very pleasant in the summer time, it is cools down at night in the summer time so much that one must sleep with blanket to keep warm and it is famous for the phrase "SHABAY MALWA" magical evenings, enchanting velvety nights one can experience the peace and tranquility of its clear, star-studded skies.

Madhya Pardesh is ringed by the seven states of Gujarat, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Orissa, Andhra Pradesh and Maharashtra. It is the largest state in India with its northern part lying in the Indo-Gangetic plain.

Indian Princely States were politically structured by Salute For the British in India, the ceremonial (and political) structure within which the princes were placed was determined by the number of ceremonial "guns" each ruler was allowed in his (or, rarely, her) formal salute. In ways that went far beyond the counting of the number of cannon-shots which honored the ruler, the number of "guns" (JAORA had 13 gun salute)Jaora state also had its own flag and curency notes.

1931 population: 100,000

1931 area: 602 square miles

The last known Head of Sovereign Family was H.H. Mohammad Iftikhar Ali Khan Bahadur Nawab of Jaora (1895). A  tiger hunter of the area, very fond of music and cultural activities.  Iftikhar Ali placed himself in the history forever by creating the Shrines of Hussain Tekri (significance is that none of the shrines has any body buried into it). It is famous that his maid  told him that she dreamt  two horsemen in green looks like Hazrat Imam Hussain and Imam Hassan were at this place, so he ordered the construction. The  shrines of  Hazrat Imam Hussain  are true replicas like in Iraq. The place is famous for the rituals called "Hajri, Hazri" to cure the incurable sicknesses (the fact is that Hussain Tekri's grave yard is keep growing , exceeding the size of old Jaora Qabrastan). H.H. Mohammad Iftikhar Ali Khan Bahadur Nawab of Jaora also buried here. This place is visited by thousand of people every day and hundreds of thousand in the month of Moharram.

Due to mismanagement and incompetence this famous Nawab family became bankrupt, the last survivor was living in the Jaora's Husain Tekri shrines sanctuary.. believed to be dead now (in 2008)-----More later-------->

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